"It was absolutely my pleasure, any opportunity to attract new talent to an industry I love is always a pleasure - I feel honored to have been invited. Your students were amazing, articulate and incredibly insightful! Your course is outstanding and I look forward to meeting the next generation of leaders you're shaping."

-Angela Webb, VP of Supply Chain and Operations, Nordstrom

hubbell headshot

"Great group-- well organized -- tremendous turnout. I would like to come back."

-Mike Hubbell, District Manager, Dillard

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"I cannot stop telling everyone how impressed I am with the Summit and FSU programs. I am looking forward to working together! I will make sure we have the Scholarship Dinner on our schedule. "

-Deborah Menendez, Executive Director, Human Resources, TSP Companies


"You make this happen every year and we are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful event. We appreciate all of your support!"

-Sherrie Gatz, District Manager, David's Bridal


"Thank you for your continued efforts to get Alumni Hall connecting with students, your events are always such a pleasure for us!"

-Jessie Tootle, Store Manager, Alumni Hall

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